leadership challenges when making deisions

Overcoming Challenges: Decision-Making, Communicating Decisions and Taking Action

Do you have difficulties making professional or personal decisions?


Or perhaps you know what you need to do, but you procrastinate and hold back from acting on those decisions?


Perhaps you’re in a senior role or a leadership role and you find it difficult to decide and communicate to others, what may be, popular or unpopular decisions?


Or do you have a tough time communicating with clients?


Here are 6 coaching questions to help you with decision-making, communicating decisions and taking action.


  1. Decide what your end goals are 

Goal-setting will help you to understand what you need and to consider what is working, what is not working and what you need to do to reach your goals.


  1. Are your decisions working in favour of your goals?

Your decisions should always be supporting your goals. Step back and review what you want and the actions you’re taking or not taking to get there.


  1. What’s holding you back from making decisions or communicating decisions? 

Sometimes decisions can be made under pressure from others, to please others, because you may worry about the reactions or consequences of your decisions or simply because you feel it’s not the right time to make or communicate certain decisions. Ask yourself what’s preventing you from decision-making?


  1. How can you start to have a conversation about your decisions?

Is there anyone you trust, a peer or your coach with whom you could discuss your reasoning and concerns with?

Having a conversation will help you to review and map out the pros and the cons of your decisions and strategies so you can make carefully considered choices rather than just being swayed by the situation or other people.


  1. What would help you to have conviction behind your decisions? 

The difference between achieving your goals or not, is taking action. To act, you need to have conviction and faith in your decisions.

So, what would help you to have conviction in your decisions?


  1. What’s the risk if you don’t follow through with making your decisions or communicating your decisions?

Ask yourself: Remind yourself why you originally decided to take this decision? What did you want to achieve and why? What will happen if you don’t follow through with your decisions and are you willing to take this risk? How will this affect your goals?


Next Step

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