back to basics

an overview

Perhaps you’re new to coaching and are not sure how it can help you. Within these 6 taster sessions you’ll be able to begin to explore and establish how coaching can support you and help you move forwards with positivity, a renewed energy and how you can begin to experience a new lease of life.

this package includes:

  • A detailed coaching questionnaire to support you to begin the coaching process prior to meeting
  • An initial and complimentary 2 hour intensive session to support you to gain clarity and direction (normally worth £797)
  • Establishing your current future values and goals

  • Exploring what lights you up from both the inside and out

  • A miniature co-created coaching power-plan of action tailored to your own individual needs.

  • Reviews throughout the process

  • Once weekly email access and support (for the 3 months)

  • Acknowledging, working through and busting those limiting beliefs, which hold you, back from moving forwards.

  • Coaching questioning and tools to support you to think around situations and to help you move you closer towards your goals

  • An individual coaching gift from me to you 

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