Clarity, Confidence
and Success Coaching

For People In The Public Eye


I’ve been there and I know what it feels like to be prepared to experience the glamour, pressures, expectations and harsh realities of both working and living in the public eye. All of these experiences can either lift you up into a world of either feeling on cloud 9, or they can have a knock-on effect to your confidence, self-belief, current and future opportunities, wellbeing or professional and personal relationships. Whether you’re admired as a leader, role model or a star, or you are still climbing up the career ladder to achieve recognition, low-self confidence, doubt and fear can affect anyone especially when your personal or professional life is exposed.


How Coaching Can Help You

So…do you find yourself saying ‘that’s me!’ to any of the following?


Experiencing doubt and low- self confidence?

  • Firstly, we will understand and help you to overcome any limiting beliefs. From there we will begin to explore and work together to explore your incredible worth, skills, values and potential!


Do you feel lost? Unmotivated? Or lacking in direction and purpose?

  • We will work together to gain clarity of what inspires you. From there, we will begin to build and grow your confidence so that you can begin to realise your potential and thrive!


Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to manage the intense industry, social pressures and expectations?

  • Together, we will explore how to understand and overcome your limiting beliefs, and to find effective ways of being able to manage industry and social pressure so that you come out on top without losing sight of who you are!


Do you feel constantly judged, compared or feel insecure around the competition?

  • Within the coaching, we will explore what makes you so wonderfully unique! We will then explore your values, how you can begin to love yourself, we will challenge limiting beliefs and experiences and explore how to make the competition work for you instead of against you.


Do you struggle with stage, performance, camera or public speaking anxiety?

  • Believe it or not, this is common. Together, we will work together to understand and overcome your limiting beliefs. We will also explore what it means to be in the public eye and how effective strategies will help you to not only manage being in the limelight, but also shine.


Do you find it difficult to handle or bounce back from criticism, rejection, set backs and bullying?

  • Although it is a harsh reality, these can be some of the most difficult and disheartening times! However, through coaching we will work together to understand your experiences, to challenge low self- confidence and we will explore your boundaries and how you can confidently handle and bounce back from rejection, set backs and bullying.


Do you struggle to both stay true to yourself and to your public role?

  • Being in the public eye will often mean that you will be known for being in a certain role. You may even have other people projecting their opinions onto you. In this world, it’s important to remain both true to yourself as well as your career. We will work together to find where your boundaries lie, to build your confidence and resilience and to explore how you can experience a healthy work/life balance.


Do you want a Career Change/New Life direction?

  • Sometimes, life takes a turn and you just want to start afresh. Together we will work to understand what inspires you, your goals and the action steps you’ll need to take in order to realise your new life.