Achieve a Mindset for Success

What springs to your mind when you think of success? Perhaps it’s wealth, ranking, having a dispensable income so that you can purchase your dream car or home and jet-setting across the world for both work and pleasure. Or perhaps success means having a close circle of family and friends, a career promotion, a cosy home, taking a few holidays a year, or simply the fact that you go to sleep and wake up feeling content with your life and yourself?

When thinking of success, many people assume that it is given by divine right to some people and not others, yet nothing could be further from the truth. For example, there are some clients who have everything money and ranking can buy. However, contrary to popular belief, their current success doesn’t buy them a one-way ticket to happiness. Alternatively, other clients are so successful in their careers or personal lives, yet they may feel their success is a fluke and that they have stepped through the back door to the VIP room. Other clients may be an A-lister in their professional lives but their personal lives, relationships and wellbeing have been neglected. Whilst other clients feel their personal life is sorted, but have yet to find that career which makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning.

You have the choice and power to redesign your life! But if you’re thinking ‘Sure it’s easy to say that and harder to achieve’ then you’re right! It’s simply not enough to just believe or think success will just fall into your lap- because it won’t! Success relies on understanding and breaking through your limiting beliefs, belief, action, a power plan, willpower, dedication and the right contacts and support.

The route to success is full of potholes, bends and stunning vistas. However, if you’re willing to say ‘I deserve this’ and to invest in yourself and your current and future happiness, then success is possible.


5 tips to start your mindset for success

1. Create a vision board of images and colours of what the term ‘success’ evokes or means to you. Then display it in a place where you can start to actually visualise how success feels and how you are going to start taking action to get there. 

2. Understand and bust those limiting beliefs about what success evokes for you. Ask yourself what’s holding me back? How true are my limiting beliefs? When have I succeeded before? What helped or didn’t help me? How did it feel? And how can I do it again? 

3. Success doesn’t always mean aiming for the big goals or being able to enjoy the larger things in life, but it can also mean taking action to enjoy the smaller things every day. For example; add a few ten-minute slots into your day when you can give yourself some ‘me time’. This may include breathing, taking a walk, having a coffee or a treat, meditation, or meeting up with a friend. 

4. Remember that success doesn’t buy you a one way ticket to happiness! Neither is success that golden pot at the end of the rainbow. Embracing success and happiness means learning to surf the waves, to adjust your technique and to enjoy the ride. 

5. Success is not exclusive or limited! With the right mindset, laser vision, passion and dedication, power plan and support, anyone can start to experience and achieve success.


This article was featured in the Pure Coaching magazine.