4 Popular Myths When Managing Stress, Overwhelm, Burn-Out and Work Addiction

Here are 4 myths when managing beliefs about work addiction, overwhelm, stress and burn-out   Myth 1: Overworking is a sign of productiveness Often being busy is confused with being efficient, focused and productive. However, working 24/7 does not guarantee you will be productive. In fact, in the long term, overwhelm and working 24/7 could increase your chances of experiencing stress, mental

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8 Coaching Questions To Help You To Become More Assertive

  What comes to your mind when you think of assertiveness? Being assertive is very different to being angry, rude or controlling which are all fear-based closed responses. Instead, being assertive exists on a finely balanced continuum between communicating your needs, boundaries, negotiables and non-negotiables, whilst also communicating your listening skills, empathy and understanding for others. It takes an open mindset and

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How to Confidently Manage A Career Promotion

A new promotion can be an exciting new step in your career. Not only does it acknowledge all of your hard work, your dedication, your character and your skill set up to this point, but also it reflects your management’s trust and faith within your abilities, skills and positive value you bring to the table. All of this should boost your confidence. 

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The Real Cost of High Expectations

Have you ever heard the saying ‘there is no gain without pain’? It’s a traditional, common yet dangerous myth many people buy into, which says that you need to be a perfectionist, you need to over-work, experience burn-out, stress or pressure in order for you to achieve success and feel as though you fully deserve and have worked towards accomplishing something of real value.

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