If you’re wondering, what would it be like to work with me? Well, let’s just say I coach with authenticity, creativity, professionalism, skill, empathy, sparks of humour, positive motivational energy, and as my clients say, I am an incredible cheerleader and with that comes a determination to see my clients succeed!

My name is Samantha and I am a passionate and professionally accredited personal and professional and Executive Coach who supports a wide range of professionals, executives and leaders to find the balance, clarity, confidence, freedom and direction needed to thrive (not just survive) both within their careers and personal lives.

My professional life to date has been uniquely varied and it is precisely because of my broad expertise, career and life experiences that I am able to empathically understand my clients and their coaching needs. I’ve stood and performed on international stages as a classically trained Opera singer and musician, worked within Advertising, Healthcare and Recruitment as well as having studied Law and worked within the Legal and Corporate sectors.

As a result of these professional opportunities and my own personal experience, I guess you could say I have stood where you’ve stood (maybe not in exactly the same spot!) but I understand how a lack of confidence can hold you back, whilst an increase in confidence can propel you forwards. I understand the many personal and professional challenges faced by professionals and executives today. In addition, I’m also aware of the double-edged sword of what it means to be a high-flyer, leader and of leadership challenges.

With my varied experience and passion to support people to live and work to their highest potential, I decided to take the plunge to retrain and practice as a Psychotherapist and then as a Personal, Professional and Executive Coach (and I’ve never looked back!)

So… enough about me, how can I help you to improve your confidence and find your life and career clarity and direction? Connect with me and start to reach and realise your full personal and professional potential.