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Shine from both
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The Life Coach for Successful
People in the Public Eye



Firstly I’d like to say welcome to that next step in your own unique journey!

Despite your success in different areas of your life, you may feel there is more to accomplish and experience either within your personal and professional life. You’ve had the courage and determination not to accept your life as you know it, and for that you should feel proud! Accepting a second rate life and living in doubt fear and regret is not an option for you and you know you deserve so much more!

Too many people live a monotonous day-to- day life where they feel trapped and unhappy. Yet, instead of questioning how they can choose to turn their life around, they give up their own power by often following negative ingrained belief patterns and believing that life happens to them rendering them helpless
and out of control. However, the truth is that we all have the power to design and style our lives and the possibilities are never endless!

Whether you’re approaching life coaching as a newbie, or you’ve tried it before, it really can be an eye-opening and refreshing journey, which has the potential to help change and refresh people’s lives. For me this quote by Suzy Kassem always seems to ring true: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”.

I learnt from an early age that to challenge doubt and to be truly happy in any part of your life, you need a great support network behind you (if you like this might be called ‘your tribe’). This is where I come in! I’ll be there to cheerlead you on when the going gets tough and I’ll also be there to celebrate your
successes with you!

After all life is a once in a lifetime adventure and you get one shot at it! So… how will you choose to live yours from here?


Samantha Morris
Life Coach



“She’ll never amount to anything!”

These toxic words were said and written in a report by an Oxford Don when I was only 10 years old. Believed by teachers and peers, these words could have eaten away at my self-esteem and confidence and stopped me from living life and pursuing my dreams, but they didn’t!! They only drove me to succeed, and most importantly to live fully with no regrets!

I always remind my client that no matter what life throws at you, it is for a reason, but it depends what road you choose to take in response to a situation that determines your experiences.

Whatever your story…it’s really never too late to start living! 



My coaching supports clients who have experienced success either within their careers or personal lives, but who feel they have either lost their spark and zest, or who feel there is something missing in their lives.  




So you’ve probably noticed there is a life coach everywhere you turn, and you may be asking what makes me any different to any of the others? Well… that’s for you to find out and decide! I always say coaching is so personal and it really is important to find a good match and working dynamic between you and your coach!

However, one thing that does make me different is that I’m committed to supporting and coaching successful people who live their professional and personal lives in the public eye and media glare.

Dancers Conductors Artists
Actors Film and Stage Directors
and Producers
Public Speakers
Rock Stars TV Personalities Politicians
Jazz Personalities Fashion Designers Aristocracy
Musical Stars Models Diplomats
Musicians Authors and Writers Public Figures

Yet, I also believe you are not just the conductor on the podium, the actor on screen, the model on the catwalk, the politician in the newspapers, or the idealised wealthy individual. There are so many different layers to you that deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged both within and away from the spotlight!

Yet you and I know the secret- you are also only human with human needs, dreams and goals both within and beyond the spotlight! Yes you’re successful and admired- but why shouldn’t you be?! You’ve obviously broken through your comfort zones before and have worked hard to get to where you are and that deserves acknowledgement and accolade!


Let’s just say, it’s simply your time to shine from both the inside out!



It is a great privilege to coach and walk alongside my clients as they experience exciting and exhilarating transformations (whether these be small or large) and to support them as they embark on life with their newfound energy, contentment, confidence, self-belief, courage, happiness, wealth and success!

I had a number of coaching sessions with Samantha and found her to be extremely helpful as well as the tools and techniques that she suggested I use. It was very helpful to have someone interested in me and my business who would listen to the challenges that I was encountering in driving my business forward. She guided me to think outside the box in terms of my business and how to move it to the next stage and become successful as well as being very encouraging through the process. Our sessions have given me a new lease of life.
— Caroline | Personal Style Consultant
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