Scared of rejection and setbacks?

6 top tips to help you combat low confidence, setbacks and rejection.

How many of us experience a fear of rejection? I would guess that most, if not all of us have experienced this at one time or another.

In a world of social media, ‘likes’, and splashing our lives across media platforms we are living in a world where sometimes it may feel like we are all part of one giant and inescapable PR scoop focused on the idea of being ‘liked’, accepted or followed.

Of course this can also happen in our careers, personal lives or relationships and has the potential to knock your confidence into the ground and prevent you from experiencing the true extent of success and happiness.

So what happens when you find it difficult to combat rejection, setbacks or the fear of not being ‘liked’?

Here are my 6 tips to help you to combat low confidence and to bounce back from rejection.

1.What are you fearful of?

You may think you already know what your fearful of but sometimes the real reason may be deeper than you think. Being clear on what you are scared of nips fear in the bud and takes away its power.

Tip: Ask yourself is this a fear which is overwhelming and difficult to move on from? If it is, then finding a therapist to help you to explore and to heal may be the key. If your fears are less serious then a coach will be able to help you to positively challenge and overcome your obstacles and limiting beliefs so that you can live a more fulfilling and successful life.

2.You will never please everyone

The reality is that it’s impossible to please everyone and why would you want to? (Wouldn’t life be boring if this was the case) So, as much as it’s easy to say and harder to do, try not to take rejection personally. Have the courage to be truthful to yourself, your values, your energy, and you will attract all that you want into your life.

Tip: write down in a book all the things you are proud of and all the qualities trusted friends and family value about who you are.

3.Rejection does reflect who you are

So many people experience knocks to their confidence and as a result they may apply this experience to every area of their life to the point where they end up living a life of self fulfilling prophecies and limiting beliefs. The truth is that rejection and setbacks do not define who you are or what you’re capable of. There are many wonderful parts to you!

Tip: Be truthful with yourself and ask how true is it that these experiences define you, your capabilities and all that you are?

4.Have more than one string to your bow

You cannot always rely on one option, so try to have another 2-3 options lined up. By doing this you will be giving yourself more options, opportunities and you’ll be less likely to experience really harsh disappointment.

Tip: what is your back up plan? What 2-3 things can you line up today?

5.Take back your own power

Looking for love, or being ‘liked’ and accepted by everyone else may give you a short term boost of confidence, but in the long run it is a sign you are giving away your own power and choices and it will not reward you with sustainable confidence, health or happiness! Consider all those celebrities or public figures who are surrounded by people and yet deep down they are usually lost or lonely. The first imperative step to success is loving yourself and taking back your own power (including the quirky and crazy wonderful you!) Once you are on that road then your vibe will start to attract your tribe!

Tip: without looking fur acknowledgement or love from other people, what one thing can you do today to focus on loving and valuing yourself? If this is difficult, why not think about your role model and consider how they would bounce back from rejection! You may surprise yourself to know that all of these confident qualities are within you!

6.Don’t give up! Rejection and Setbacks can actually lead you to success

Don’t give up! It may sound ironic, and certainly rejection or setbacks will certainly not have a feel good factor at the time, but in the mid- long run, setbacks and rejection actually help clear a space for the right opportunities, relationships and situations.

Tip: how can you see this experience of rejection as a positive opportunity and as an opening for all the opportunities, which may be waiting just around the corner?