How To Thrive When The Unexpected Happens…

When the unexpected happens

How do you respond to change and the unexpected?

Are you a planner? If so, you’ll know what it’s like to plan for every situation. Perhaps you have a plan A, a plan B and even a plan C? I know that I certainly love the whole process of planning (especially the stationary), the setting out of goals, the taking action and actually achieving those goals. Yet the truth is that we cannot plan for everything and change is inevitable!

Fear of the unexpected

The biggest obstacle we all face when the unexpected occurs is fear! This might be fear of the unknown, fear of letting go of control, fear of not being good enough, fear of failing or possibly the worst fear of all- fear of it all going wrong and feeling out of control!

So here are 4 top tips for not just surviving or managing the unexpected, but thriving within these moments.

1.Avoid Feeling Safe and Bored  

Do yourself a favour and avoid feeling safely bored with life! There is nothing wrong with planning for your future (in fact it’s essential!) but if we were to plan for every actuality or event wouldn’t that be boring? There would be no surprises, no  ‘aha moments’ and no challenges or opportunities to grow and develop. Our social circle and opportunities would shrink and we would feel confined to a life of boredom

So many people plan their whole lives, including their career, their professional progression, their marriage, their romantic partner, their children, the destinations they will travel to, the home they will live in (and sometimes all by a certain age!) Yet, as much as it’s important to plan for success, it’s also integral to be aware that things don’t always run to plan. If the wind changes, it could take your boat in a different unexpected direction. The question is, will you feel overwhelmed or will you be open to learning to ride the waves?

2. When The Unexpected Happens, You Have An Opportunity To Invest In Yourself

When you turn a corner, you may meet new people, engage with new experiences, new horizons or destinations. The unexpected can take you to places you never even dreamt of going! When we are open to change and the unexpected, life can take on a whole new meaning. We learn to grow, to develop, to create new relationships both with ourselves and with other people, we feel inspired and we learn what we do and don’t want in life.

Sure, challenges can either seem daunting or exciting, but they are entirely rich experiences offering you an opportunity to step up and step out of your comfort zone and to change your life!

3. A Different Perspective

So often safety and the comfort of consistency seems to be far more tempting than to venture outside of our comfort zones.  When we cling onto ideas or find it hard to let go of control, we are usually fearful of letting go. So ask yourself what does it mean to always plan and to be in control? And how can you let go of the need to control?

However, the deal-breaker for successful living happens when we respond to not only managing unexpected moments and change, but when we learn to master, embrace and to thrive within these unexpected moments by embracing an open flexible mindset!

4. You can’t plan for inspiration!

Planning is not only important, it is essential for successful living! However, often our most inspiring ideas, dreams and plans happen at the most inopportune and unexpected moments.  I know that sometimes some of my creative sparks and best ideas wake me up at night and I feel alive with vision and clarity!

Yet when you may want something to happen, it’s easy to want to push or to pull in order to make it happen. Yet, within these moments you may experience pressure and huge amounts of stress, which stagnate and stunt inspiration and action. Instead, ask yourself how can you learn to relax today? How can you allow more flow and possibilities into your life?

By embracing and engaging with the unexpected, then combining it with your plans and action, you will begin to find sustainable confidence, success and happiness