setting boundaries

Setting Boundaries: Are you a ‘YES’ person?

What Does Saying Yes Mean To You?

Saying ‘YES’ can have many different personal or professional consequences. Saying yes can either be a positive opportunity or it can prove to be negative and can lead you to feeling restricted and resentful. So how can you say yes and also set your boundaries?

Often we hear people saying ‘YES’ in agreement to something. Yet soon afterwards they may experience the consequences which leave them feeling resentful or depleted of energy.

 Alternatively, we often hear other people celebrating their reply of ‘YES’ because it filled them with energy, opened doors, options and opportunities for them and helped lead them towards their goals.

 Of course, in some circumstances we may need to make difficult decisions, grit our teeth and say yes and bare it for various reasons.

Saying ‘YES’ is often something we learn in childhood And for each of us within different situations and with different people and dynamics it will hold a positive or negative meaning.

So how can you start to say ‘YES’ today and start setting boundaries without compromising what you truly want?

 Here are some thought provoking tips and questions to think about before you say ‘YES’

 1. Are you saying ‘YES’ because you are people pleasing, overcompensating, fearful of what would happen if you didn’t say ‘YES’, or are you saying ‘YES’ because it seems easier than saying ‘NO’?

2. Alternatively, are you saying ‘YES’ because you’re investing in yourself or others and you’re saying yes because you’re opening yourself up to options, possibilities and opportunities because that’s what you really want?

 3. By saying ‘YES’ are you going against what you really want or are you aligning with your own values and goals in this situation?

 4. Ask yourself after saying ‘YES’ will you feel resentful and depleted or will you feel energised, clearer and empowered?

 5. Review what you truly want and what are your goals.

 6. Is saying ‘YES’ helping you to create the life you truly want to create and start living or is it holding you back?

 7. How can you start to review and understand what saying ‘YES’ means for you in each situation and what the consequences might be?

8. How can you start to take small action steps needed to say ‘YES’ or No’ with your goals in mind?