career anxiety

Manage Career Anxiety

Manage your career anxiety

Do you go to bed on Sunday with the Sunday night blues and wake up with feeling the effects of another “manic Monday”? Perhaps you feel anxious about where your career is heading or if indeed you’re in the right career for you? Alternatively, you may feel anxious when applying for that next promotion or taking a step sideways in your career, returning to work after a break, dealing with a difficult work situation or even changing career direction.

So how can you start to combat career anxiety and stress today? 

1. What are your fears? exploring and naming what the root cause of fear is can be half the battle. Try to write in a journal your fears etc and get them written onto paper. You may also want some coaching to help you to positively breakthrough these fears.

2. What are your triggers? Do you feel anxious or stressed in different situations, with different people or at different times of the day? If you’ve had a bad experience before ask yourself how likely is to happen again. Or ask yourself what’s the best outcome for change? Once you’re aware of your triggers you will start to have more awareness of what you need to work through, how to manage it, when you might need to feel calm and when you may need to be more proactive.

3. What needs to change? (Think big and small!) Consider what is not right for you or what’s missing from your current situation and note what needs to change in small steps and smaller steps. Also note what is going well and what aspects of your career you’re enjoying and what you’re proud of.

4. Imagine your ideal day: close your eyes even for 5 minutes and start to imagine how your day would start and end, where might you be working, what kinds of people might be around you, how might this look and feel? Then note what you experienced and ask yourself how you may introduce even the smallest of changes into your current situation.

5. Gain clarity and vision: If you’re unhappy with a situation or your career start to think outside the box by researching, listening to inspirational talks or TED talks, create a mind map and start to develop a 360 degree mindset and environment for change.

6. Create and maintain a self-care routine: it’s really important to take care of yourself especially if you’re feeling anxious, worried or stressed. This means having a healthy sleep routine, cutting down on sugary or fatty foods and caffeine and taking care of yourself with a self care routine. Once you start to take small consistent steps to change you will start to take a birds-eye perspective so you can focus on what’s important with clarity, focus, confidence and a rocket fuelled vision!

If you experience career anxiety or are looking to change direction or to make changes within your career then why not book your complimentary discovery call here to find out how I can help you to experience clarity, confidence and success.