Leadership Challenges: Managing leadership stress and pressure

9 Tips to Help Manage Leadership Stress and Anxieties.

1. Leadership Challenges: Acknowledging Your Vulnerability

Of the many leadership challenges, it’s easy to become wholly consumed by a role where people look up to you or even depend upon you to come up with important answers, action and successful results.

However, rarely is it acknowledged that even the strongest of role models and leaders are actually only human with human needs and vulnerabilities. Having worked with people in the top of their industry, public profile or personal life, I always say that behind every superman is a Clark Kent, and behind every Wonder Woman is a Diana, and that in order to continue to work effectively, it is extremely important to recharge and to reconnect to your own needs.

Yet this idea can seem even a relief for some clients, and yet can evoke various fears of judgment or potential feelings of shame for others. However, what if we were to view seeking support not as a weakness but as a necessary strength?

2. Recharging Your Batteries Leads to Successful Results

How can you expect to be a brilliant role model and leader, if you are burnt out or exhausted? Reconnecting to your own needs, vulnerabilities and time-out will help you to recharge so that you can continue to work efficiently and effectively.

3. A Mentor for You

A lot of people see asking for support as being a weakness. They fear that if they are seen as vulnerable, then people will either not respect them, or they will be viewed as incompetent. However, asking for support (whether confidentially via a Coach, therapist, or with a trusted friend or family member) can help you to unload unnecessary stress and tension and to consider things from different perspectives, leaving you more time to prioritise for those important tasks.

4. Perfection Is Fear in Disguise

Don’t try to be perfect! Perfection is deceptively fear in disguise and can prevent you from actually taking action and reaching your full potential or even finishing things.

Also if you allow yourself to acknowledge your leadership challenges, imperfections and you are yourself, other people are more likely to connect with you on a deeper level and respect you more. Remember no one is perfect but then that isn’t that far more exciting?!

5. Delegation develops trust and positive results

Have you ever tried to do everything yourself? Perhaps you don’t trust others to get the job done? Or, maybe you don’t want to be viewed as incompetent? However, if you effectively prioritise, communicate and delegate, you can actually produce more effective and successful results by building trust, team morale and developing sustainable relationships. In addition, it takes some stress away from you and enables you to focus on the tasks, which does require your 100% exclusive attention.

6. Failing allows you to Succeed

If you’re a high achiever, leader or role model, you will know of the pressures to produce successful results. Failure is often not an option and can be scorned at by others. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that every successful leader in history failed at some point. The distinction between those who succeed and those who don’t is, whether you are willing to learn from those experiences and to use failure as a guide to succeed? Or are you ready to throw in the towel?

7. Communicate Your Boundaries

As a role model or a leader, you need to know your boundaries. Many people will take advantage of your time and goodwill. However, how much is too much? When you set your own boundaries and communicate this to other people, you instantly begin to communicate your own self-worth and value. A simple way to do this every day is to block out scheduled times in your diary and to prioritise. If you’re in the public eye, consider how much privacy you need away from the limelight and who is in charge of this.

8. You Are a Work in Progress

You should feel proud of where you are! It may even seem from the outside that you have all the skills, answers and talent. However, the reality is that you are also a work in progress. No one is a finished product and you shouldn’t place so much pressure on yourself to be so. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that as much as you are successful, you too are also on a journey of self-discovery and development.

9. Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

The pressures of expectations can feel overwhelming and it’s easy for life to become very serious and focused. However, consider what laughter and fun means to you and how you can also incorporate it into your everyday life. This is extremely important for reflecting, recharging and even sometimes even escaping!

Next Steps

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