stress and burn out

Stress, Overwhelm, Burn-Out and Work Addiction

Here are 4 myths when managing beliefs about work addiction, overwhelm, stress and burn-out

Myth 1: Overworking is a sign of productiveness

Often being busy is confused with being efficient, focused and productive. However, working 24/7 does not guarantee you will be productive.

In fact, in the long term, overwhelm and working 24/7 could increase your chances of experiencing stress, mental health issues, breakdowns and burn-out, leading to a lack of career fulfilment and progress, a lack of clarity, low energy, sick leave, high costs, time, and low confidence and morale.

To reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety and burnout, ask yourself where are you wisely spending your time and energy, and where are you wasting your time and energy?

Remember, that the quality of time rather than the quantity of time is really important!

Ask yourself:

  • Do you overcompensate for fear of failure, disappointment or being judged?
  • Are you focusing all of your time and energy on work because you’re avoiding any other areas of your life?
  • Do you feel stuck? Have you lost your focus? Perhaps need support with improving your confidence, time-management skills, motivation, focus, and managing perfectionism and procrastination?

Myth 2: Overworking is a sign of strength and dedication.

Traditionally, those who burnt the midnight oil were seen to be strong, dedicated, persistent and high achievers. However, the wider health risks of overworking can be dangerously toxic and can impact both individuals and companies in many different ways.

A good strong work ethic is a positive quality. However, it’s really important to be mindful of the thin boundary between working hard and a work addiction.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you working 24/7 because of time management issues linked to your own beliefs about success and your self-worth? Are you avoiding any other parts of your life or issues? Or are you reacting to current and past experiences and expectations?
  • Or are you burning the midnight oil as a once in a while occurrence because of a very real deadline or project?

Myth 3: Overworking and work addiction are reflective of your self-worth and value  

Being dedicated to your career needs to be acknowledged and celebrated as it shows an a great work ethic, ambition, drive and a determination to succeed. However, being dedicated to your career is not the same as burn-out.

Perhaps you believe the amount of time and energy you dedicate to your career, dictates your value or self-worth. The truth is it doesn’t! Being efficient and effective with your time is a more noteworthy skill compared to showing how much time you have dedicated to something. It’s also important to ask who you are as a person and your values both within work and outside work.

In order to experience a healthy work life balance, it’s important to ask yourself:

  • Who are you away from your career?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What are the risks of spending all your energy and time working 24/7?
  • Are you really giving your career the best chance if you feel stressed out, burnt-out or overwhelmed?
  • What are you missing out on? Is it worth it?
  • How can you start to balance your energy and time more effectively so that your personal and professional life can support and complement each other?

Myth 4: Workaholics achieve more, tend to be higher achievers and ultimately are more successful.

Whilst being a workaholic can reap you some rewards, it’s important to also ask at what cost?

I’ve coached many high-achievers and dedicated people who have achieved their own success but who are not workaholics. However, yes they work extremely hard! The main difference between working hard and being a workaholic is how they effectively manage and focus their energy and time. This includes establishing healthy goals and setting boundaries, so that their career dedication is not to the detriment of their personal life, relationships, wellbeing and in turn their personal lives and wellbeing do not impact their career success.

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