Leadership Confidence: The Double Edged Sword of Leadership

leadership confidence

As a leader or role model, you’re looked up to by your team, company, followers, fan-base and possibly even your family, social, cultural circles and friends as the central dependable and responsible person providing a hub of respectable and reliable answers, advice, logic, calmness, guidance and leadership.

How to keep your relationship sanity whilst in lockdown

Do you feel you’re either living on a confined space and stepping on each other’s toes 24/7? Perhaps conflict, frustration or feeling claustrophobic has become a daily norm as you all long for the day when you can run beyond the end of your road and mingle with anyone, and I mean anyone, beyond the confines of your home? Or perhaps you feel as though you’re passing ships in the night with partners, friends and family- barely getting time to say hello or good night? 

Confidence & Success & Podcast Series

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