career coaching

“Your only limit is you!”

When you experience a lack of clarity, direction, purpose or confidence within your career, it can really have a huge impact on whether or not you try new or existing opportunities, your career direction, career progression and promotions, your professional performance, your confidence, wellbeing, wealth, health, time energy, freedom and even your personal and professional relationships. Perhaps even the Sunday night blues may be a common weekly recurrence – sound familiar?

The point is that life is too short, and it doesn’t need to be about just surviving, it can be about thriving! Career coaching can help you to overcome limiting beliefs, help you to break through your comfort zones, find a career you love, improve your career confidence, find career direction and clarity and can help you to embrace and realise your full professional potential. 


  • Experience career confidence clarity and direction 
  • Feel a renewed sense of self, career direction and purpose, fulfilment and energy 
  • Feel motivated, empowered and in control again 
  • Positively challenge and work towards overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Believe in yourself and your professional potential 
  • Confidently return to your career after a personal break
  • Become more efficient, productive and improve your professional performance 
  • Improve your communication skills, performance and public speaking skills
  • Effectively manage stress, anxiety, catastrophising, self-fulfilling prophecies, overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, burn-out, people-pleasing, and overcompensating 
  • Improve your organisational and time managements skills
  • Establish healthy boundaries 
  • Become more assertive 
  • Establish your professional values 
  • Positively bounce back from fear, rejection, failure and setbacks
  • Stop comparing yourself to others and the competition 
  • Change your professional mindset and perspective
  • Love your career and experience career fulfilment 
  • Confidently take action with career progression and development  
  • Explore your career direction and change your career 
  • Improve your interview confidence 
  • Eliminate the Sunday night blues and wake up on Monday morning with a spring in your step 
  • Confidently manage career changes and professional transitions
  • Develop and Improve your professional relationships 
  • Manage difficult work relationships, difficult situations, work conflict and tension 
  • Move forwards with clarity and confidence and stop wasting precious time and energy worrying about what other people think, procrastinating, people-pleasing, feeling burnt-out, overcompensating and feeling overwhelmed 
  • Become more resilient and bounce back from failure, rejection and setbacks

TIME FRAME: 10 Sessions / 5 Months


  • An optional 15-minute Discovery Call to understand what you’re experiencing and how coaching could support you to feel empowered again
  • A coaching welcome pack including a questionnaire
  • A coaching questionnaire to support you to start thinking about your goals, challenges, achievements and what you would like to explore within the coaching journey
  • 10 face- to- face or online fortnightly sessions across 5 months
  • An optional and co-created coaching power plan tailored to help you plan for your short-term and long-term goals, actions and needs
  • Alternatively, you may like to take a more natural approach with what you bring to the sessions
  • An optional review halfway through the package or whenever is needed throughout the process
  • Optional once a week email check-in
  • Coaching questions or tools to help you to think around problems and resolve situations
  • Motivation, insight, coaching support and a tailored and bespoke approach focusing on your needs!