“Lead with confidence and inspire confidence in others”

Being a Leader, CEO, Director, Manager or role model can be immensely fulfilling and rewarding, yet it can also be exceedingly lonely, stressful, pressurised and tough at times. I often refer to it as the double-edged sword of leadership! 

Companies, teams and colleagues often turn to you for inspiration, example, vision guidance and direction, however, who do you turn to?

The truth is that whilst many people expect you to be super confident and to have all the answers, it’s also exceedingly difficult to confidently and clearly navigate and lead through change, challenges, scrutiny and judgement, turbulence, upheaval, difficulties and the responsibility may even stop and start with you. 

Whether you’re a leader in your current role, or you have recently accepted a new promotion into a leadership role, it can in many ways, be a very exciting opportunity for vision, growth and change as well as a reflection of your hard work and dedication. Yet at the same time, and often behind closed doors, it can feel daunting, and you may find that the role in itself can trigger low confidence and competency anxieties. 

If you experience any of the issues below, then this coaching package could fit you like a glove!

  • Are you managing a new career promotion or transition? 
  • Are you experiencing changes within your personal or professional and team relationships? 
  • Do you compare yourself to others or do you find that others are envious or in competition with you? 
  • Are you experiencing stress, time constraints and the pressures of meeting expectations and responsibilities? 
  • Do you experience self-doubt, imposter syndrome and low confidence? 
  • Are you unsure of your leadership identity or how to establish it? 
  • Do you worry about your leadership competency or leadership experience? 
  • Are you experiencing leadership loneliness or isolation? 
  • Are you having to adapt to a new role and its new requirements? 
  • Are you navigating changing company dynamics? 
  • Do you worry about being assertive or establishing healthy boundaries? 
  • Do you experience perfectionism, procrastination, people-pleasing, overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety and stress? 
  • Do you need to decide and communicate difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions? 
  • Are you juggling multiple responsibilities and lack a healthy work/life balance? 
  • Are you confident in your career but lack personal confidence when it comes to your personal life, wellbeing and relationships? 
  • Do you find your leadership role impacts your personal wellbeing, personal life or relationships? 
  • Does your personal life impact your professional life? 
  • Do you experience difficult professional or personal relationships? 
  • Being a leader in the public eye, are you able to effectively handle both positive glowing feedback but also effectively manage and bounce back from negative feedback, scrutiny, judgment, rejection, failure, cyber-bullying and setbacks? 


Are you saying ‘yes’ to any of the above? Then let’s connect over a call to find out how I can help you to find clarity, confidence and success as a leader.


  • Find, establish and communicate your leadership vision, values and direction
  • Establish and work towards achieving your vision, clarity, values, direction, and clear goals
  • Lead with clarity, direction, effectiveness and confidence
  • Inspire and confidently lead others
  • Improve your personal or professional confidence and relationships
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Effectively navigate personal or professional changes, career transitions, professional challenges, tension and conflict, difficult situations and decisions 
  • Develop and embrace your leadership confidence, identity and management style! 
  • Establish and communicate your boundaries with clarity, assertiveness and confidence
  • Develop an open mindset and perspective
  • Create and establish a healthy life/work balance which works for you!  
  • Manage career changes, promotion transitions, relationship changes, self-care and lifestyle changes
  • Encourage, motivate, communicate and manage your teams effectively
  • Effectively manage your time and energy
  • Improve your presentation, public speaking or communication skills
  • Acknowledge and explore who you are away from the spotlight
  • Trust your instincts and establish who your trusted tribe is!
  • Feel empowered to take back control when you feel exposed, judged, rejected or scrutinised 
  • Take positive action and start changing your lifestyle or approach to your life or career
  • Create the space, time, freedom and energy to enjoy your life and career more!
  • Manage procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing, stress, anxiety and overwhelm 
  • Start really believing in yourself and owning your success
  • Begin to overcome leadership loneliness and isolation
  • Invest in yourself, your personal and professional happiness, wellbeing and self-care

TIME FRAME: 12 Sessions / 6 Months


  • An optional 15-minute Coaching Discovery Call to understand what you’re experiencing and how coaching could support you to feel empowered again
  • A coaching welcome pack including a questionnaire
  • A Coaching questionnaire to support you to start thinking about your goals, challenges, achievements and what you would like to explore within the coaching journey
  • 12 face-to-face or online fortnightly sessions across 6 months
  • An optional and co-created coaching power plan tailored to help you plan for your short-term and long-term goals, actions and needs
  • Alternatively, you may like to take a more natural approach with what you bring to the sessions
  • An optional review halfway through the package
  • Optional once a week email check-in
  • Two optional SOS 15-minute calls to be organised at a pre-arranged time
  • Coaching questions or tools to support you to consider situations and options
  • Motivation, insight, coaching support and a tailored and bespoke approach focusing on your needs!
  • Short coaching summaries will be written and provided by the coach for the client after each session to compliment and support your own notes
  • I will travel to anywhere in the UK or the world to coach and support the client. However, please note that any travel or accommodation costs will need to be covered by the client and in addition to the package costs