I couldn't believe that the simple, yet powerful coaching questions Samantha asked led me to realise so much about myself and what I needed to do to change my career and life.

When I found out the company, I was working for, was being sold I knew that I wanted it to be opportunity to change my career. There was, however, one very large stumbling block, I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my life! After almost two decades in a very stressful job, I knew what I didn’t want but what I did want had always alluded me. So, after a few months of stressing about the future I decided that I needed help. That’s where Samantha came in.

I found Samantha’s website informative and having been impressed by its content, I completed the enquiry form. Samantha responded to me by email, and we set up an initial call. Samantha was very good with answering my questions and putting my mind at ease about the process. However, what really sparked my interest was that because Samantha had also had similar experiences, she really listened to me and understood what my challenges were and how we could move forwards.  Immediately after the call, I knew that I wanted to work with her.

From the very first session, I found Samantha to be warm and friendly and because of this it was very easy to open up to her. I was partially able to explain what I wanted to achieve from our time together and to explain where I had felt stuck. The speed at which I started having clear moments of realisation and awareness was amazing! I couldn’t believe the simple yet powerful questions she was asking led me to realise so much about myself and what I needed to do. At the end of our first meeting Samantha set me a couple of optional tasks to try before our next session which really helped me to stay accountable and on track! 

At the end of my second session, I felt that I understood myself better and what I wanted out of my life in terms of a work life balance. I knew that I didn’t want to work in an office anymore, but I knew I wanted to incorporate my passion for health, exercise and yoga.

Then, whilst working on one of my tasks before session three I had a realisation, and I knew what I wanted from my career- I wanted to be a physiotherapist! This moment was a real turning point for me, because before I had started the coaching, I had felt so stuck and lacked clarity or direction. Yet here it was and as clear as day- my lightning bolt moment! 

Then came the challenge, I couldn’t afford to go to university, and I didn’t have enough time to undertake the course part-time. I couldn’t believe I had finally uncovered what I wanted only for it to feel like it was slipping away. Samantha was brilliant, at my 3rd session we talked it all through and she gave me the confidence and lift I needed to go back and look at all the options. She explained there was always a way to make things happen, and always a back door and that I just had to find it.

By the time session 4 came around I had completed my research and found a way to continue working both full time and to train. Through my research I found a brilliant course to become a sports massage therapist. It ticked all my boxes. I couldn’t believe that by the final sessions I was sitting in front of Samantha with clear results and an action plan to move forwards. Before meeting Samantha, I never thought that would happen. 

Samantha has supported me so much! Not only do I have a clear action plan now, but I completed a course so that I could teach, and now I also own and run my own thriving business!  

I can’t tell you just how much happier I am now. I can say with absolutely certainty I would never have reached this point without Samantha’s help. During the sessions I could see Samantha really cares about supporting her clients to realise and to reach their highest potential. 

Everybody needs Samantha in their life, the world would be a much more positive place for it! 

Emma now owns and manages her own successful and thriving Physiotherapist practice!