Career change

Change your Career: 12 Hints It Could Be Time To Move On

How do you know when it is time to change your career?

The wrong career or professional environment has the potential to hold you back, stop you from taking opportunities, apply for a career promotion, lower your confidence, stagnate your career performance or career progression, and can prevent you from reaching and realising your full career potential.

On the other hand, the right career and professional environment can propel you forwards, supports you to take opportunities, encourages you to apply for internal promotions and  helps you to live the life you want and live the life you fully deserve (because at the end of the day life is too short!)

Can your current career situation be saved?

Alternatively, before you change your career and hand in your resignation, you may want to consider if your current situation can be saved in any way. Too many people sometimes cross bridges before they’ve considered their current options. Who knows, perhaps one or two open and honest conversations could change everything!

Here are 12 hints it may be time to either change your current situation or perhaps it’s time to change your career. 

1. You are feeling unhappy

You may feel unfulfilled, burn-out, stressed, anxious, frustrated, bored, lacking in motivation and confidence. These feelings can then impact your professional performance, professional relationships or it may even impact your personal life and relationships.

2. Work Anxiety and Work Dread

You dread returning to work and the Monday morning blues. Perhaps you feel as if you’re living life from day to day and surviving rather than thriving?

3. You feel undervalued

This can be experienced in several ways. For example, your salary is not proportionate to your job description or responsibilities, you feel unacknowledged for your hard work or dedication, or there is no opportunity for career progression or a career promotion within your current role.

4. Changing values

Your career values and direction no longer aligns with your company’s values and direction. Alternatively, your company or firm may be undergoing restructuring or a change in leadership and therefore, it could be changing its direction, expectations or job descriptions which no longer aligns with your career goals or values.

5. Career progression

There is no opportunity for a career promotion, career development or career progression.

6. Changing circumstances

Your own personal or professional situation has changed and your role or company no longer supports changing circumstances. Another example could be to consider that what you once wanted may not be what you want now. Alternatively, you may be retiring and your want to create new adventures for yourself.

7. Redundancy

You have been made redundant and need the confidence to start again

8. New Adventures

You want to escape the rat race and change your lifestyle, you believe that there is more to your life and career, and you want to experience something new and live the life you fully deserve!

9. Your salary

You are unhappy with your salary.

10. Work flexibility

Your situation has changed, and you need to work different hours, work from a different location, search for more work flexibility, hybrid working or a better work life balance.

11. Leadership

Too many people experience leadership which lacks vision, direction, empathy and understanding, team motivation skills or communication skills. Some professionals and teams may even experience traditional autocratic management styles. Leadership can either create a happy or unhappy team and company culture and can either limit potential or, can encourage potential.

12. Communication

You’ve experienced fraught discussions, miscommunication or conflict and tension and no longer feel able to perform to the best of your ability if you stay where you are.

Next Steps

If you are unhappy in your career,  you do not feel fulfilled, you would like a new career adventure or  you would like to discuss your next career move and explore career options then why not connect with me and BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY 15 MINUTES COACHING DISCOVERY CALL HERE. Start living the life you want and deserve!