low confidence

Low Confidence: 30 Ways Low Confidence Can Be Experienced

Low confidence can present itself in many different ways, or it can impact how you respond to situations and how you feel about yourself.

Here are 30 ways low confidence can be experienced.


  1. Procrastination
  2. Perfectionism
  3. Overcompensating
  4. Apologising
  5. Comparing yourself to others and the competition.
  6. Self-doubt and not believing in your abilities.
  7. Distrust in yourself or others
  8. Not being able to let go of control
  9. Feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, and stressed
  10. Needing acknowledgment and validation
  11. Lack of assertiveness and people-pleasing
  12. Poor time management
  13. Lack of assertiveness
  14. Fear of failure, rejection, and setbacks
  15. Imposter syndrome
  16. No Boundaries
  17. Undervaluing yourself
  18. How you present yourself.
  19. Your salary
  20. Public speaking anxiety or social anxieties
  21. Lack of personal confidence
  22. Lack of team confidence or motivation
  23. Lack of a work life balance
  24. Low career confidence
  25. Lack of career progression and development
  26. Lack of career direction and clarity
  27. Lack of life direction and clarity
  28. Communication skills and communication issues
  29. Personal and professional relationship issues and dynamics
  30. Lack of Leadership confidence and leadership loneliness
  31. Lack of Leadership identity

Next steps 

 If you experience low confidence, self-doubt or you have a lack of clarity and direction in either your career or personal life, why not connect with me here