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Change Your Mindset: 6 Signs Self-fulfilling Prophecies Are Holding You Back

Each individual has their own unique personal professional stories and experiences which shape and influence current beliefs and actions. These stories, experiences, self-fulfilling prophecies and beliefs can either propel you forwards or hold you back.  So, how do you know when you consciously or unconsciously follow and live by your self-fulfilling prophecies? How can you change your mindset to free yourself and start re-writing your own success story?

Here are 6 signs you might be following your self-fulfilling prophecies

1. You actively stop yourself from taking action

Whether you procrastinate or stop yourself from taking action, old stories and beliefs can feel safe and secure even if they are preventing you from moving forwards. However, how can you expect positive changes to happen if you are not willing to take action?

2. You consciously or unconsciously set yourself up to fail.

Often your stories, experiences and beliefs can become so ingrained into your own psyche, that you may not even be aware of how and when your vision might be coloured by self-fulling prophecies. So, you may be consciously or unconscious setting yourself up to fail because the result achieved may feel safer than the changes which you seek.

3. You find it difficult to accept and embrace change

If you’re finding it difficult to change things, then it might be the time to ask some important questions. Do you want change to happen? What do you need to take action with for change to happen? What’s stopping you? Is it worth it? What’s the risk if you don’t take action to change things?

4. You allow past experiences to dictate, colour and impact current experiences

You do not have control over what has happened in the past, but you do have control over how you respond to them now and how you respond to future experiences. Herein lies your power! How can you start to re-write your story starting today?

5. You allow other people’s beliefs and projections of you to shape your own beliefs and actions

It’s true that your beliefs and experiences are not just shaped by yourself but are also influenced and shaped by other people’s beliefs and projections of you. This is called the Pygmalion effect. Often, it’s very important to ask are you carrying and acting on your own beliefs or other people’s beliefs of you? What are you carrying which does not belong to you?

6. You use phrases such as ‘I knew this would happen…’

When you ironically pat yourself on the back by saying phrases such as ‘I knew this would happen’ then it’s an indication you have been held back by self-fulfilling prophecies.

Next steps

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