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Leadership Coaching: Leadership Challenges and Micromanagement

Leadership coaching: Leadership challenges and micromanagement

When clients seek leadership coaching, one of the most difficult leadership challenges is being able to trust others and to let go of control. Often wanting to retain control shows a lack of confidence, trust and insecurity within yourself which not only impacts your own career but has wider implications for your team, company or organisation. So what are the risks when you find it difficult to let go of control and micromanage?

Leadership challenge and the risks of micromanagement

1. Little time, energy or focus

When you micromanage others, you are left to juggle everything with little time, energy or focus to focus on your own role. If you are focusing so much time and energy on other people’s work, then how can you effectively focus on your own work and expectations?

2. Micromanagement leads to burn out, overwhelm, stress and anxiety

You might feel burnt-out, overwhelmed, stressed and anxious as you try to juggle expectations and micromanage others. Your well-being is vital to the well-being of others, your team and company so it’s important to retain your energy for the things which you need to focus on and delegate the rest.

3. Micromanagement can trigger a lack of trust, confidence and respect

Lack of delegation, micromanagement, and a fear of letting go of control are all signs of low confidence, and fear. As a result, your low confidence can also impact not only your own career but also the trust, confidence, respect and performance within the team and the performance and reputation within the wider company or organisation.

4. Micromanagement can lead to a lack of development and progression

If you’re unable to let go of control, then you’ll be unable to inspire and motivate others. It’s important to understand your fears and risks for not wanting to let go of control.

5. Micromanagement impacts the wider business, company or organisation

Micromanagement can have the adverse effect of producing positive results. Instead, it can impact the recruitment and retaining the right talent, team and company morale, mental well-being, as well as financial and HR resources and overall company performance and reputation.

6.  Are you fearful of letting go of your old role and stepping into your new role and expectations?

Micromanagement can be a sign you might lack leadership confidence and leadership identity. It can also be a sign that you might be unsure of how to approach your new responsibilities compared to your old role.

Next steps

If you’re a leader and you experience leadership challenges, find it difficult to let go of control, delegate, to  trust others or you are finding it difficult to step into a new leadership role and leave your old role behind then why not connect with me to BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY 15 MINUTES DISCOVERY CALL. Find out how I can help you to lead with confidence!