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The Challenges of Creating a Healthy Work Life Balance

Do you have issues creating a healthy work life balance? Or even maintaining one? If so, perhaps you’ve experience some of the challenges below:

What stops you from creating a healthy work life balance? 
  • Are you a high-achiever, hard working, a perfectionist, a people-pleaser or do you juggle multiple responsibilities? Then you might feel guilty when taking time off work for wellbeing, self-care, hobbies, your personal life, and relationships.


  • You may have grown up with the belief that taking time off for your wellbeing, self-care and personal life is ‘lazy’, a ‘luxury’, ‘selfish’ a ‘waste of time’, or that it needs to be earned as a reward for hard work.


  • Even if you have intention of creating a work life balance, you may lack the clarity and direction to know where to start or how to create a sustainable plan which works for you!


  • Do you often strive to achieve one goal after the other without stopping?


  • Are you constrained by time, energy, time management skills, or perspective to create and commit to a sustainable plan?


  • Are you confident in your career but not confident within your personal life and relationships? If so, do you use your career as a deflection, distraction, defence, and coping mechanism so you don’t have to focus on your personal life?


  • Do you feel happy spending time in your personal life, but feel you’ve lost clarity and direction within your career?

Whatever your beliefs, focusing on your personal life and wellbeing as well as your career is not an objective goal or rewardable luxury, but a deeply personal way of life which requires personal accountability and will support you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated and help you to reach and realise your full potential.

Here are 5 coaching questions to help you to create and establish a work life balance
  1. What are your beliefs, triggers and fears about focusing on both your personal life and career in equal measures?
  2. How are your beliefs sabotaging your opportunity to experience more time, productiveness, self-care, energy, focus, freedom and happiness?
  3. How do you want your life and career to look and feel like?
  4. What is currently draining your energy?
  5. Have you lost sight of anything?
  6. Are you risking or compromising on anything by not having a work life balance?
  7. What is or is not working and what needs to change?
Next Steps

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