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Are You A Workaholic? Improve Your Personal Confidence, Clarity and Success

Do you want to improve your personal confidence?

Are you competent and confident in your career, yet when it comes to your personal life, wellbeing, and relationships you suddenly feel a sense of dread, low confidence or you experience a lack of time, energy or clarity and direction?

It’s often wrongly assumed that just because someone is a high-achiever, ambitious  or has experienced success within their career, that they will also be confident and settled within their personal life. However, nothing could be further from the truth and all too often our lives and careers can become unbalanced as we tend to focus on one or the other.

However, it’s important to remember that there is so much more to you than just your role or career and that focusing solely on your career can be detrimental to your overall growth, development, career and life progression, social skills, character, health, wellbeing, and relationships. After all you are not one dimensional but a human being with complex and interchangeable personal and professional experiences which can influence, impact and even compliment the other.

What prevents you from focusing on your personal life and needs?  

Below are 7 main reasons some professionals avoid their personal lives, wellbeing, and relationships:

  1. Lack of time, energy, and focus
  2. Limited clarity and direction i.e., not knowing how to create a healthy work life balance or where to start.
  3. Limiting internal beliefs, fixed mindsets, and self-sabotage
  4. Guilt for taking time off away from their work.
  5. Self-sabotage via time management, people-pleasing, overcompensating, perfectionism, procrastination, deflection, avoidance, juggling responsibilities.
  6. Low self-worth and low confidence within their personal lives, wellbeing, and relationships.
  7. Fear of personal and professional failure, setbacks, judgment and rejection.
4 coaching questions to help you improve your personal clarity, confidence, and success
  1. What are your triggers, fears, reasons, or constraints for not focusing on your personal life?
  2. How might you be self-sabotaging?
  3. What are you compromising and what are the risks for not focusing on your personal life, wellbeing, and relationships?
  4. What is not working and what needs to change?
Next Steps

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