executive coaching and creating a healthy work life balance

Executive Coaching and Creating a Healthy Work Life Balance

Who are you away from your career?

Executive Coaching and creating a healthy work life balance can often present many hurdles and challenges. As an executive coach, I often coach ambitious professionals, executive and leaders who are competent within their careers, only to find that they lack clarity, confidence and vision within their personal lives. Very often, their whole lives have been successfully driven and dedicated to their careers and this is what they are known for! However, over time they  begin to ask themselves: ‘Is this all there is?’ ‘Who am I beyond my career?’ ‘What have I achieved personally?’ ‘What am I missing?’

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing so much of your time and energy within your career, so much so, that your personal life can sometimes take a backseat. Very often career and personal lives are seen as two very distinct separate areas of someone’s life. However, whilst it is important to establish healthy boundaries between work and play, it is also vitally important to recognise that each part of your life will impact and influence the other with a negative or positive domino effect. It’s also important to acknowledge that each part of your life, whilst different, can inspire the other.

How can your career and personal life work in harmony? 

Whilst it’s also true that you will inevitably wear different hats and present yourself in different ways within each area of your life, it’s also important to acknowledge that you can also take inspiration from each part to compliment the other. For example, making time for your personal life and creating a healthy work life balance not only allows you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, but it also enables you to review, connect and engage more meaningfully and with more impact and influence within your team(s), with various people and within different situations.

Why do you find it difficult to create a healthy work life balance?  

As a professional, executive or leader, creating a healthy work life balance which works for you can present various challenges. However, once you’ve mastered and overcome your own challenges, you’ll be able to experience a new lease of life and career!

Here are some reasons why professionals, executives and leaders often find it difficult to focus on their personal life and creating a healthy work life balance.

  1. Not having enough time and energy to focus on your personal life.
  2. Feeling too burnt-out, stressed, anxious to focus on yourself.
  3. Being a people-pleaser, but rarely pleasing yourself.
  4. Juggling multiple and varied responsibilities 24/7.
  5. Energy, organisation, and time management issues.
  6. Focusing all your energy and time into your career because this is where you feel confident and competent. However, you may lack the clarity, time, energy, and confidence in your personal life.
  7. Believing that ‘self-care’ or personal time is selfish or unproductive
  8. Believing that ‘me time’ is a reward based only on your career performance.
  9. Feeling guilty for spending time on yourself.
  10. Lacking clarity, vision or understanding of who you are as well as what your values and purpose are beyond your career.
Here are 8 coaching questions to help you to establish a healthy work life balance and reconnect to yourself beyond your career
  1. What are the risks for not establishing an effective and healthy work life balance?
  2. What are your triggers or beliefs about your personal life and career? How are they holding you back or propelling you forwards?
  3. How can you challenge any beliefs which are holding you back?
  4. What do you want to achieve beyond your career?
  5. Fast forward to the end of your life, what would you want to feel proud of, and what would you not want to regret?
  6. How could you see your personal life and career working in harmony?
  7. Taking inspiration from your childhood or bucket list, is there anything you’ve forgotten to explore or experience?
  8. Where, when and how are you wisely spending your time and energy on high-value activities? Where are you wasting your energy on low value situations and activities? How can you value and use this wasted time in more meaningful ways?
There is much more to you than just your career 

As a human being, you are not one dimensional. Whilst working hard within your career and making a professional difference is something you should feel very proud of, there is so much more to you than just your career!

Your personal life and establishing a work life balance is not a luxury or a separate part of you, it’s a necessity for personal and professional growth, development, connection, and communication both with yourself and others, and overall wellbeing.

Next steps

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