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Executive Coaching and Career Coaching: Why You Might Be Feeling Undervalued

Executive Coaching and Career Coaching: Why You Might Be Feeling Undervalued

Do you feel valued or undervalued in your career? Are you fed up with feeling burnt-out, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated? Do you feel appreciated or taken for granted? Perhaps you feel disappointed and let down and held back by work-place politics, other people’s issues, and outdated status quos? Do you feel you have untapped and unlocked potential, but you feel your current work environment does not welcome opportunities for growth? Or perhaps you’ve been overlooked for a well-deserved and timely career promotion?

Alternatively, you may be an executive or leader experiencing leadership succession or wanting to change your team or organisation dynamics and culture, however, you may be unsure of where to start or what to do to inspire motivation, confidence, and change within others?

Either way, feeling valued or undervalued within your own career, or communicating and inspiring value as an executive leader within other people can be a game changer when promoting and offering a positive professional culture, confidence, trust, career fulfilment, motivation, individual and team performance, progression, morale, reputation, and providing effective recruitment resources and talent sustainability.

Feeling undervalued or not communicating value to your team members impacts both individual and team confidence in many ways.

Executive Coaching and Career Coaching: why you might be feeling undervalued

Here are 12 examples showing how professionals, executives or leaders might feel undervalued within their careers:

  1. Continuously settling for and being offered outdated salaries which do not align with your role, current and new responsibilities, capabilities, and dedication.
  2. Lack of career progression and career promotion opportunities.
  3. A lack of trust, limited work delegation and feeling micromanaged.
  4. Feeling unheard, unseen, and unacknowledged.
  5. Feeling constantly compared to other people and experiencing unhealthy toxic competition despite your dedication to your role.
  6. Creating or experiencing a toxic and bitter work environment.
  7. Feeling constantly judged, criticised, and knocked down rather than being built up.
  8. Feeling unmotivated by unclear career goals, structures, and a plan.
  9. Lack of acknowledgment and feeling unappreciated or taken for granted.
  10. Assumptions regarding unmanageable or unreasonable expectations, workloads, pressure, stress, time-management, and expectations.
  11. The projection of unhealthy leadership insecurities and projections.
  12. Outdated ways of working and limited opportunities for change and growth based on a fear-based mindset rather than a growth-based mindset.
Next Steps

So, do you want to feel valued in your career, experience career fulfilment and realise your full potential?

Or are you an executive or leader who wants to inspire confidence and value within others and develop a thriving team, but you feel stuck in a rut and not sure what needs to change or how to initiate change?

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