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Executive Coaching and Life Coaching: Living on autopilot?

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching: Living and working on autopilot

Have you been living or working on autopilot? Despite talent, hard work, high achievement or what you show to the world, your professional and personal values and needs might just change. But what happens when you’ve been living and working predictable days? What happens if you’ve become used to working and living a certain way despite it potentially being either being positive or toxic for you and your wellbeing? What happens if what used to give you joy and fulfilment now fills you with dread, boredom, or frustration?

Here are a few examples of what professionals, executives and leaders face when they need to listen to much needed lifestyle changes:

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching examples for when you’ve been living and working on autopilot:
  1. Waking up and wondering where your life has gone or questioning what you’ve been spending your time and energy on for all these years?
  2. Feeling burnt out, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, fed up or bored with the status quo no matter how good your career looks to others?
  3. Having panic attacks, anxiety and experiencing the Sunday night blues before you start all over again on Monday?
  4. Wondering is this all there is to my career potential or life?
  5. Wondering if you have some important untapped potential which you have never explored?
  6. Work life balance issues which do not align with your current necessary needs and affect your performance, functioning and wellbeing?
  7. Still working or planning for retirement but not sure who you are away from your career
  8. Neglecting family or personal self-care time in favour of burning the midnight oil within your career?
  9. Staying safe and not embracing new opportunities, or applying for career promotions?
  10. Staying in toxic relationships, not implementing healthy boundaries, or accepting toxic professional or personal environments.

Accepting outdated choices and decisions and living on autopilot can seriously affect your wellbeing, potential, happiness, health, relationships and values.

Here are 5 executive coaching and life coaching coaching questions to consider when you feel you’re living and working on autopilot
  1. Being busy and working and living effectively are two very different things. Have you been using your time and energy effectively and focusing on high value activities or have you been filling your time with low value activities and situations?
  2. Why, when, where and whom have you compromised within your life or career? What are you no longer willing to compromise?
  3. What are the risks if things don’t change?
  4. What changes do you want to experience?
  5. What action steps do you need to take in order to see changes?
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