high achiever

High Achievers, Success and Confidence: The Top Myths

High Achievers, Success and Confidence: The Top Myths.  What do you think of when you think of low confidence? Perhaps you may think of someone who seeks approval and validation? Or perhaps someone who is critical of themselves, compares themselves to others or does not believe in their own capabilities? Alternatively perhaps you might see an image of a person who is

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managing career stress

Managing Career Stress, Overwhelm and Burn-Out

Managing Career Stress, Overwhelm and Burn-Out Stress, anxiety and burn-out are very common experiences in the workplace. There can be so many different reasons as to why you feel stressed, overwhelmed, burnt-out or anxious. Here are just a couple of examples You may feel as though you’re juggling 10 balls at a time and feel unable to review and prioritise. You’re constantly

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imposter syndrome

10 Signs You Could Be Experiencing Professional and Executive Imposter Syndrome

10 signs you could be experiencing professional and executive imposter syndrome Whether you’re an ambitious professional, an executive, role model or leader, imposter syndrome and self-doubt can show up and impact your career and your life in many ways and ultimately it can prevent you from reaching, realising, and even enjoying and embracing your full personal and professional potential. Here are 10

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imposter syndrome, self-doubt and low confidence

Imposter syndrome: 6 signs you might be competent but under-confident

What does Imposter syndrome sound like? Perhaps you catch yourself saying “It was a fluke!’, ‘I was just lucky’, ‘If I can do it anyone can’, ‘It was someone else’s hard work or talent’, ‘I had a lot of support’, ‘I’ll be found out’ ‘I’m a fraud’ ‘I’m not as good as everyone says I am’, ‘I’m a one-hit wonder’, ‘I’m not

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leadership coaching

Leadership Coaching: Leadership Challenges and Micromanagement

Leadership coaching: Leadership challenges and micromanagement When clients seek leadership coaching, one of the most difficult leadership challenges is being able to trust others and to let go of control. Often wanting to retain control shows a lack of confidence, trust and insecurity within yourself which not only impacts your own career but has wider implications for your team, company or organisation.

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change your mindset

Change Your Mindset: 6 Signs Self-fulfilling Prophecies Are Holding You Back

Each individual has their own unique personal professional stories and experiences which shape and influence current beliefs and actions. These stories, experiences, self-fulfilling prophecies and beliefs can either propel you forwards or hold you back.  So, how do you know when you consciously or unconsciously follow and live by your self-fulfilling prophecies? How can you change your mindset to free yourself and

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