Combatting Career Anxiety

Do you go to bed on Sunday with the Sunday night blues and wake up with feeling the effects of another “manic Monday”? Perhaps you feel anxious about where your career is heading or if indeed you’re in the right career for you?

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How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s often very easy to forget that whilst you’re full of admiration or perhaps even secretly envious of those people who seem fearless in the face of challenges, who are awarded promotions, or who are able to confidently present themselves well and seem self assured in both their personal lives, relationships and careers, what you may often see and compare is their shining highlight reel to your backstage clutter. So if you’re comparing two different sides of a coin, what is there to compare and why do we do it?

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Are you a ‘YES’ person?

Saying ‘YES’ can mean so many different things and have many different consequences for each of us within different situations and times of our lives and careers.

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The Double Edged Sword of Leadership

As a leader or role model, you’re looked up to by your team, company, followers, fan-base and possibly even your family, social, cultural circles and friends as the central dependable and responsible person providing a hub of respectable and reliable answers, advice, logic, calmness, guidance and leadership.

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How to keep your relationship sanity whilst in lockdown

Do you feel you’re either living on a confined space and stepping on each other’s toes 24/7? Perhaps conflict, frustration or feeling claustrophobic has become a daily norm as you all long for the day when you can run beyond the end of your road and mingle with anyone, and I mean anyone, beyond the confines of your home? Or perhaps you feel as though you’re passing ships in the night with partners, friends and family- barely getting time to say hello or good night? 

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