executive coaching and creating a healthy work life balance

Executive Coaching and Creating a Healthy Work Life Balance

Who are you away from your career? Executive Coaching and creating a healthy work life balance can often present many hurdles and challenges. As an executive coach, I often coach ambitious professionals, executive and leaders who are competent within their careers, only to find that they lack clarity, confidence and vision within their personal lives. Very often, their whole lives have been

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personal confidence

Are You A Workaholic? Improve Your Personal Confidence, Clarity and Success

Do you want to improve your personal confidence? Are you competent and confident in your career, yet when it comes to your personal life, wellbeing, and relationships you suddenly feel a sense of dread, low confidence or you experience a lack of time, energy or clarity and direction? It’s often wrongly assumed that just because someone is a high-achiever, ambitious  or has

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work life balance

The Challenges of Creating a Healthy Work Life Balance

Do you have issues creating a healthy work life balance? Or even maintaining one? If so, perhaps you’ve experience some of the challenges below: What stops you from creating a healthy work life balance?  Are you a high-achiever, hard working, a perfectionist, a people-pleaser or do you juggle multiple responsibilities? Then you might feel guilty when taking time off work for wellbeing,

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making decisions

Making decisions, taking action and sticking to a plan

Are you indecisive? Do you have difficulty making decisions, remaining accountable or even sticking to a plan? When a decision needs to be made and action is needed, you may feel under pressure. Perhaps, you may worry about the ‘what if’s’ and consequences of not making the right decisions? Alternatively, you may lack confidence and so you lack the conviction or motivation

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improve your confidence

Improve Your Confidence: The Risks of Changing Who You Are To Fit In

Improve Your Confidence: The Risks of Changing Who You Are To Fit In Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself because everyone else is taken” However, what happens when improving your confidence is not as simple as it seems? It may sometimes feel easier, comfortable and safer to be anyone else but yourself? Changing who you are can mean many different things to different

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high achiever

High Achievers, Success and Confidence: The Top Myths

High Achievers, Success and Confidence: The Top Myths.  What do you think of when you think of low confidence? Perhaps you may think of someone who seeks approval and validation? Or perhaps someone who is critical of themselves, compares themselves to others or does not believe in their own capabilities? Alternatively perhaps you might see an image of a person who is

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