How to successfully survive the lock-down 

It’s now day 3 of the lockdown in the UK. Many of us will be wondering how on earth people in spain Italy or China have been coping since being in locked away in their houses for so long? Well obviously it’s crucial we all follow the measures for the health and safety for both ourselves and others.

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How to stay calm and smile in 6 steps:

Who hasn’t felt anxiety, dread, stress, upset, anger and perhaps even depression within these challenging times? Every day we wake up to the news of how COVID-19 is spreading itself narcissistically around the globe and impacting many lives via social media channels, TV, radio or when we talk online to friends or family.

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Validation and self worth

Perhaps you look to your partner, family, friends or social media for validation? Or perhaps you base your self worth on whether you have reached your ultimate potential and success within your career, relationships, lifestyle or personal life?

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How To Have ‘That’ Difficult Conversation

The thought of actually having a difficult conversation with someone is enough to make anyone run for the hills! And why wouldn’t it? The fear of hurting our own or someone else’s feelings, disturbing our own peace of mind and causing friction and conflict is not something which most people generally relish.

However, although some heated situations may end up fizzling out, it’s also true that a lot of unfinished thoughts, feelings, situations and emotions can be repressed and held within each of us to the point that we either reach a fiery boiling point or we end up feeling triggered, shaken up and eventually these repressed feelings become displaced, leak into other random situations and may even be projected onto other people.

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