Working effectively from home

Unless you usually work remotely, working from home in a lockdown may at first be met with positivity and eagerness. After all, unless you’re a key worker or you’ve been asked to go into work, you won’t have to face the morning traffic, public transport, the morning and evening rush and you don’t need to be swept away with the rush of life.

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How to successfully survive the lock-down

It’s now day 3 of the lockdown in the UK. Many of us will be wondering how on earth people in spain Italy or China have been coping since being in locked away in their houses for so long? Well obviously it’s crucial we all follow the measures for the health and safety for both ourselves and others.

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How to stay calm and smile in 6 steps:

Who hasn’t felt anxiety, dread, stress, upset, anger and perhaps even depression within these challenging times? Every day we wake up to the news of how COVID-19 is spreading itself narcissistically around the globe and impacting many lives via social media channels, TV, radio or when we talk online to friends or family.

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Validation and self worth

Perhaps you look to your partner, family, friends or social media for validation? Or perhaps you base your self worth on whether you have reached your ultimate potential and success within your career, relationships, lifestyle or personal life?

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